Krazy Goof


One of the first flies I learned to tie was the Krazy Goof. It is a simple pattern but not common.  I have only seen or heard of it in central Montana. I use this fly’s name on this site because it was part of my beginning; what can now be described as a passion for all aspects of fly fishing. Some would think I’m a bit crazy for some of my fly fishing exploits, so I find it fitting.

I’ve updated this post to include my first foray into video tying.  The fly is old school, so went old school in the video.  I’d like to know what you think.  Comment on YouTube or on this page.

A simple hopper fly, it fishes well wet or dry.  I tie it on a heavy 1x hook, sizes 6-14. The body is usually yellow or orange chenille. The wing is deer hair tied down over the body and flaired for a tail.  The hackle is normally natural grizzly.  That’s it, three materials result in a very simple and effective fly.

For dry versions I use poly yarn for the body like the version below.

Fish on! Joel



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